Convert a Carnivore

Convert a Carnivore - Recipe Contest

Do you have a vegetarian/vegan recipe that you believe even the most ardent meat lovers would swoon over? Then we would love to hear from you.

We're looking for the best vegetarian/vegan recipe out there. Maybe you have a bestie, partner, sibling who loves meat and you were able to make them love vegetarian/vegan food. This is your time to shine and prove a point that vegetarian and vegan food is amazing.

This is fantastic opportunity to be the person who can convert a carnivore and if that wasn't enough we will give you a brand new Garmin Vivosmart 3 worth £100 and because you are so awesome we will personally feature your recipe on our YouTube channel and give you a special shoutout. But best of all, you will have the accolade of being the first winner and we'll automatically put you on the top of our leaderboard.

The best runners up will also be featured on our community section.

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Contest Ended